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About Us

Labelle River Rentals is family owned and operated by Sue, Drea, and Bryan Sweetman.

With decades of experience serving in the fields of customer service, fire fighting, and EMS, we have dedicated our lives to helping others and supporting our community however we can.

Upon moving to LaBelle in 2015, we discovered that there was a lack of fun outdoor activities, especially geared towards the Caloosahatchee River which runs right through the center of our town. As a family that values nature and quality time with loved ones, we wanted to promote and cultivate an environment where others can enjoy those two important things combined.

Our hope is that we can establish a sincere connection and level of trust with the locals and visitors of our town by providing honest, reliable boat rental services to families looking to enjoy themselves on the water.

Labelle River Rentals is a family that’s a part of this town, so even if you run into trouble on the river, we’ll come out by boat to help you out like a good neighbor should.